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Sellers avoid these most common mistakes when selling your home!

1) The wrong price- A correct price is based on a number of carefully researched facts including recent sales of comparable homes.

2) Misspent improvement dollars- If you are considering improvements to boost the sales appeal of your home, be careful. At best, your selling price may be based on improvements today's buyers don't value as highly as you.

3) Time lost on unqualified buyers- In real estate, there are two kinds of buyers: qualified and unqualfied. Unfortunately, both are out there and it takes know-how to tell them apart.

4) High unnecessary sellers fees-As a seller you will incur various costs. Some of these costs (such as transfer taxes) which are unavoidable. However, others are charged by specialized firms such as title insurance and/or escrow companies. These charges are deducted at closing.

And while real estate agent's advice should not be considered a subsitiute for an attorney's services, this is abother araer where an experienced pro looks out for the sellers bottom line.

In addition, real estate professional regularly save sellers money by helping them avoid costly mistakes, not to mention lost time when things go wrong.

We can show you how to avoid these mistakes when selling your home!

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LeClair Property Management and LeClair Real Estate is also known as SofTrends Property Management, LLC and SofTrends Real Estate, LLC.  We specialize in property management,  rentals and sales in the following New Hampshire towns: Amherst, Bedford, Brookline, Hollis, Hudson, Litchfield, Manchester, Merrimack, Milford and Nashua.
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